Stagnation prevention

Drinking water hygiene has never been so convenient

To ensure the flawless functioning of a building installation, the planner has to take the maximum usage situation into consideration. In practice however this maximum usage is not the usual situation. Stagnating sections and insufficient hygiene in both the cold drinking water (PWC) and hot drinking water (PWH) can be the consequence. Changes in the use of the building or people within the building could have a similar effect. During the lifetime of a building, the actual frequency of withdrawals and volumes deviates strongly from the originally planned values. On top of that, the intended use is no longer guaranteed here.

The new KHS Hygiene Flush Boxes help restore the intended use through controlled “forced withdrawal”. Water exchange is controlled during this through the time, temperature and volume parameters.

KHS hygiene system

The KEMPER Hygiene System, KHS, prevents stagnation and the resultant impairment of drinking water quality. It ensures that fresh, hygienically perfect water is always available at every tap, taking into consideration efficiency and sustainability concerns. It offers every stakeholder, from the planner to the operator, from the installer to the end consumer, maximum security and safety in their daily contact with drinking water.

KHS LogoHygiene Flush BoxPRO

for large buildings with special hygiene requirements


  • Seven timer for individual flushing strategy in particularly hygiene-sensitive buildings
  • Interval, time, volume, temperature and usage-controlled flushing
  • Convenient and safe operation via WLAN (can be switched off) using the latest Access Point Technology
  • Up to 100,000 event entries to verify use as intended
  • Analysis and log readout via WLAN and USB
  • Flushing process management detects savings potentials and suggests improvements
  • Networking of up to 60 hygiene flush boxes possible

KHS LogoHygiene Flush BoxPURE

for time-controlled interval flushing operation in small buildings


  • Interval controlled flushing
  • Commissioned in less than a minute
  • Up to 100,000 event entries to verify use as intended (readout via USB)
  • Automatic detection and checking of all functional components
  • Optional upgrade to PRO

KHS LogoHygiene Flush BoxLITE

for safety-sensitive buildings


  • No integrated controller logic
  • Own control for direct connection to building automation systems / BMS

Quick guide to KHS Hygiene Flush Box

Compare models at a glance

KHS Hygiene Flush
KHS Hygiene Flush
KHS Hygiene Flush
Operating models 
Time controlx x*
Interval controlxxx*
Volume controlx x*
Temperature controlx x*
Usage-orientated controlx x*
Operation via WLAN (can be deactivated) using Access Point Technologyx  
Operation via the controller x 
CAN bus networking possiblex  
Incorporation into BMS (BACnet & Modbus) via KEMPER Hygiene System KHSx  
Direct control via BMS (24V/4-20 mA)  x
Potential free contact for fault messagingxx 
Digital assistant for commissioning and maintenancex  
Automatic functional testing of all components (24/7)x  
Data storage (up to 100,000 event entries)xx 
Data transfer via USB interfacexx 
Data transfer via WLANx  
Visualised flushing historyx  
Planning / calculation via Dendrit STUDIO 2.0 (2019K) SP2 - from June 2020xxx
* depending on external flushing logic 

An economically viable version for every building:

KHS Hygiene Flush
KHS Hygiene Flush
KHS Hygiene Flush
Hospitalsx (x)
Care facilitiesx  
Geriatric carex  
Residential buildingsxx 
Halls of residencexx 
Detention centresx (x)
Accommodation blocks (e.g. military)x (x)
Sports facilitiesxx 
Industrial buildingsx (x)
Department storesx (x)
Swimming poolsx  
Interim solutions x 
(x) needs external control 

Data sheets

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